Bauer Skates


Supreme 2S

Ignite your game with the most explosive skate in hockey. The new REFLEX-PRO tongue features composite inserts throughout the top of the skate mold to your foot to create a 360-degree fit. Skate faster, harder, and stronger with the ultra-lightweight CURV® Composite boot that anatomically wraps your foot for maximum energy transfer and increased power with every stride. The 2S PRO comes equipped with new LIGHTSPEED 5 Carbon EDGE, premium-grade steel with a softer inner core that provides a clean, sharper edge.


Nexus 2N

The 2N gives you everything you need to turn split-second decisions into game changing plays. A deep heel pocket comfortably locks your foot in place, ideal for a higher instep and ankle wrap. Game-changing speed with ultra-lightweight CURV® composite. The 2N is the skate built for ultimate control.


Vapor 1X

There’s straight-ahead speed, and then there’s VAPOR 1X speed — the kind of speed that can close the distance in any direction. With a winning fit and feel, you’ll get more go. And the more go you have, the better you play. Every detail, every technology is designed to keep your foot locked in place — so your last stride is as fast as your first. From the LOCK-FIT PRO facing and liner to the slow-molding FLEX-LOCK PRO tongue, the 1X will fit like an extension of your foot. So, go. And leave the competition in a cloud of ice dust.